Some news around me and some other stuff…

Hi folks, finally im able to write again. Quite a long time nothing worthy to write about. But now I have some great news: Finally I found someone I really love. She’s great and I don’t want to loose her :).

But there are other news as well. I’ve fully assembled my homeserver now. It got three Samsung Spinpoint F2 Ecogreens with each 1TB space. As a nice software raid five in Ubuntu it works like a charm. Power usage just got from 30W to 33W while idle. God saves the powersaving mode of the harddrives :). Even if they spin up, they won’t reach the 50W at every time.

Third but maybe the the worst news I have: My grandfather died in october. I now own a house which needs to be refurbished soon. New powerlines, new bath, new kitchen… A lot stuff to do. I hope I’ll manage this before the end of spring. Let’s see.

new homeserver

OK finally, ill write some stuff again. After my 160GB SATA drive crashed, i decided to get a new SSD (64GB seems to be enough as remote login server). After a few tryouts i got my old Athlon X2 BE-2300 out of the closet and decided to put Ubuntu 10.04 on it. Quite easy and lower noise than my old Atom board (where btw the fan died a few month ago and i had to replace it with a loud 80mm fan :().

Now it even uses less power then the Atom, 30W idle (load seems to be about 48W). The Atom always needed 38W at least. Now lets see what happens next, as soon as i install HDDs for usages as fileserver as well.